Welcome to the homepage of the European Institute of Corporate Security Management or ‘EICSM’, an independent, non-profit membership organisation, dedicated to serving European Corporate Security Leaders.

EICSM, whose members are Corporate Security Leaders from multi-national enterprises, registered in those countries which are full members of the Council of Europe, has the following objectives:

  • To encourage and promote the voluntary exchange, amongst the members, of information, experiences, ideas and knowledge about methods, processes and techniques relating to the profession of business security.
  • To promote, as a representative and centralised body, the collection, co-ordination and distribution of data, ideas, knowledge, methods and techniques.
  • To improve the efficiency, knowledge and skills of the members through appropriate programmes, forums and collaboration with other related organisations.
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In EICSM we have so many great people who have all played their part in contributing to security awareness and the wider security profession.

We limit ourselves to 40 members and it is important that the prospective member has a corporate security role within her/his organisation across Europe in order to contribute to the wider benefit of the group.
Together we will continue to promote security as a high priority for our organizations, and raise awareness of its importance among our peers and associates.

Frank Meier
Head of Corporate Security
Thyssenkrupp Regional Services Germany GmbH

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The EISCM membership provides me with a fantastic forum to discuss and share best practices with other security professionals representing multinational industries.

What makes EICSM unique is the trust shown among the members and the willingness to provide and receive guidance and advices when needed.

I am proud to be a member of the board of EICSM!

Jonas Lindstrom
Director Group Security & Business
Tele2 AB

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Membership of EICSM has brought many benefits, from sharing experience and best practice to finding reliable security partners virtually anywhere in the world . It is a unique group, drawn from multi-national organisations and with wide ranging responsibilities and experience. The size of membership allows you to know each other as individuals, building a level of trust and collaboration that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Helen Mackay
Director - Security Europe
Tiffany & Co

EICSM was founded in 1990 by a small group of like-minded Corporate Security Leaders representing major European and global corporations, with the intention of creating a pan European network of corporate security professionals, with cross industry sector representation, to exchange information and experiences on a mutually beneficial and full trust confidential basis.

This results in frank exchanges, confidence in information received and the belief that the organisation and members will prosper, because they are confident that their colleague members are all determined that the group will benefit from mutual relationships, which exclude competition and marketing influences.

The current membership has a ceiling of 40 members, representing as many industry sectors and as many national identities as possible. To ensure this, membership is by invitation only; to encourage and grow strong member relationships operating in an enduring environment of trust in fellow members.

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